An outline for gun control essays

When you are given the task of writing a gun control essay; there are two distinct sides to the topic and you are expected to state the side that you belonged to in your essay right from the onset. The outline follows what is obtained in an argumentative essay. 

The structure

There are four body paragraphs involved in this type of essay. The introduction is the first paragraph. Students are expected to state what their standpoint is right from the introduction. It is expected that you get it straight right from this point because how you begin will determine the commitment of the readers to read through your essay from beginning to the end.

There should be a hook that will excite your readers which excite them to read through your essay. The interest in this topic is viral; issues that cause worry surround this topic and if you can present your introduction in a bright manner and from an informed point of view; the readers will get hooked on your essay to the last word involved.

Perhaps this should come first-your topic. You are expected to settle for a topic that will give you more room for research if you are not given one. In the case that you were given a topic; ask relevant questions to clear all the grey areas before you pen down the first word on the topic.

Now going back to the introduction, a gun control thesis should be included in the essay. You can come back and change the thesis statement after the conclusion of the final draft because the thesis should carry enough weight to take you to the next level. Everything should be done to get the attention of the readers through the introduction.

The body text of the essay should follow a particular pattern of your choice. The approach here can be an argumentative or persuasive form. In any approach that you choose; the inclusion of hard facts to support every claim will add legit to your essay. If you fail to do this; then your point will only pass as a commentary.

Let your ideas flow throughout each paragraph through the expert use of transition words that will get the readers excited to read through your work. They are not going to get bored reading through the entire length of the paper.


A clever summary of the points that back up your thesis should be stated here. Avoid repeating what you have said earlier; what you need here are key points that will represent the ideas you are trying to sell to the public. You are expected to end powerfully. The use of the words here should be one that will be strong enough to sway the minds of the readers to reason along with your point of argument for or against gun control.

Final thoughts

You must let your readers understand your standpoint of view right from the onset. Are you for or against? Go ahead to support your claims with hard evidence. 

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