Choosing Essay Topics for College Writing

Most essay topics are assigned by college admissions officers. But, they may also be written based on student interests and/or essays that are submitted to professional companies for consideration. Let's examine some of the themes that students are frequently asked to write in this regard.

  • College career plan. A college student is usually asked to write about their current goals in life. The topic could include classes, sports, clubs, volunteer activities, etc.
  • Political Issues. This is one of the most common topics of college essays. You could easily include any type of political talk, from the Constitution to issues of the day. It is also common for college students to look at an entire state or a city and explore the dynamics of people in that area.
  • Society. Students can use this theme to offer a personal look at the current environment of society. With the changes in technology used to teach, there will always be more need for those who are familiar with the latest developments, the psychology of the public, and the effects of society on children.
  • Politics and Government. Since so many students participate in government agencies, teachers, and students themselves, writing about these subjects should be a key part of their academic development.
  • Experience. It is common for college students to take on new jobs and experiences to add to their education.
  • College Career Program. It is common for students to take courses that fit within their core areas of study, in the hopes of making the admission process easier for their admission to school.
  • Professional Courses. During the enrollment process, you could have your college applications scrutinized to determine if you meet the requirements for these courses. You could look at teaching classes, licensing classes, and professional development as opportunities to assess the qualities you have to offer.
  • Personal Life. The essay theme could be directly connected to the topics you would discuss in your personal life. It could also be about something you have found yourself interested in, for example, someone you know or a family member.

For some college admissions process, it is common for the admissions officer to ask you to talk about how you have used the money you received from your scholarships and grants to pay for college.

We have included the newest information about the college admissions process for recent students that has become available in the past two years. You can use the information to start building a portfolio of your own.

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