How do you write a synthesis essay?

Are you faced with the dilemma of writing a synthesis essay and you do not know how to go about getting the results that will earn you the high grades? You are about reading what it takes to earn high grades through the synthesis essay.

The ability of the student to deal with extensive research is going to be tested here. It is expected of students to take part in big concepts and go all the way in showing the skeleton of the argument. This is a written discussion of the ideas gotten from one or two more sources.

It is expected that students combine two ideas from a similar topic and go on to eliminate the core of each of the two and come up with a central theme that will give the topic of the essay. This is the topic that you are going to work on to achieve the results that count.

Choosing the right topic 

The topic that you are going to choose should be the one that you are familiar with and it should be debatable. 

The starting point is to browse through several ideas that can give you inspiration for the right topic. What can you make out of each of the topics before you? Brainstorm over each of them before arriving at a topic that is broad enough and which you are going to be able to write on. 

After arriving at your topic; you are expected to go into deep research to gather information on the topic. The relevant sources that you are going to include in your synthesis paper should be noted. Ideas from sources online should be applied to your paper to confer legit on your work.

You are expected to go all the length in getting a suitable topic. Every source should be exploited before you arrive at the topic of your choice. If you have an essay in mind; use Google Scholar to read essays about the topics that you have in mind. 

Several ideas will crop up if you can effectively carry out the research. There will appear some ideas that stand out; this can be applied to your synthesis essay outline. Extra care should be taken to choose a debatable topic.

The importance of this lies in the fact that your essay will be alive for years after it has been written in the court of public debate. There are good topics as well as bad topics. Research is expected to be made in these areas and the topic that will sell should be chosen against the bad topics that are online.

The structure of the essay

It follows the normal pattern of:

  • Introduction and thesis
  • 3 body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

When all is said and done; proper editing should be undertaken to remove grammatical errors. This will add value to the final draft of your essay. You can do this on your own by going through the essay again. Ask colleagues or any close relative to do this on your behalf.

Final thought 

The best results in your synthesis paper can be achieved by applying the tricks mentioned above.

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